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Three-dimensional label

Three-dimensional sign:

A soft, three-dimensional effect and color, with a polyurethane label with acrylic foam on the back.Aim it on positioning of paper in advance, this process makes the element can be set in advance, stick to and outline of the plane, and this unique three-dimensional signs process to produce a stereoscopic effect for high quality.

Operational guidelines:

, before the paste should be preheated to 32 ℃ or so, pay attention to the sign of the distance between, prevent the sign the positioning of the adhesion.Do not strip away the separation paper, so as to avoid adhesion, affect the bond strength.When peeling off the separation paper, the method is used for 180 degrees.After stripping off the separation paper, the sign should be glued to the parts immediately, and the operator should avoid contact with the adhesive surface to prevent oil stain from contaminating the surface.Determine the location of the sign using a fixture or a positioning paper.Peel off the position paper and then press it again with the roller.